The Maverick is an affordable, versatile, and capable truck designed to be outfitted with accessories giving you the freedom to make your vehicle whatever you want. You won’t have to compromise on your dream car with endless customization options and spacious interiors.

What is Ford’s Integrated Tether System?

Let your creativity take control with Ford’s Integrated Tether System, also known as FITS. FITS are a series of slots built into the Ford Maverick at the rear of the center console and under-seat storage bins, which serve as placeholders that let you mount accessories. Ford’s Integrated Tether System will work with Ford and aftermarket accessories, as well as items created on a 3D printer.

Ford has taken customization to new heights by releasing CAD files for the Maverick’s Ford Integrated Tether System, making it possible for customers to print their own accessories. You can design a cup holder, phone mount, console organizer—or even storage space in your car’s floorboard—using your 3D printer or enlisting the help of a third-party service. Ford recommends using breakaway features so you don’t damage any part of the console and suggests that you rely on the floor for additional support for heavier items. Always secure items, so they don’t shift or become loose during hard braking, acceleration, or crashes. Visit Ford accessory support page for more information on 3D Printing accessories for your Maverick and to download available Ford CAD files for easy printing. 

Save Your Spot and Reserve Your New 2023 Ford Maverick Today!

Unfortunately, Ford is no longer accepting orders for the 2022 Ford Maverick. However, there is good news for those wanting to score the 2023 model year. Bill Brown Ford, the #1 Ford Dealer in the world, has rolled out a new program allowing customers to save their spot on their local Livonia, Michigan Ford dealer’s priority list. 

Customers can reserve their spot in line with Bill Brown’s dealership to ensure they have the fastest ordering experience when Ford begins taking orders for the next model year. This beneficial process allows customers to hold their spot in line to beat the rush when Ford starts accepting orders on high demand models again. Once Ford begins retaking orders, customers will already have a Bill Brown team member to walk them through the entirety of their purchasing journey and help them seamlessly convert their spot in line into an order. 

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